Railmotion is an independent railway rental company for the European cargo transport sector

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The ACTS System (Roll-off Container Transport System) combines the advantages of rail transport with the flexibility of the road. The result is a unique logistical concept.
In order to prevent a collapse of the free exchange of goods within Europe all European governments are looking for restrictions to the use of the road infrastructure. This will inevitably influence the price and performance of long haul road transport. The ACTS System is one of the very practical solutions to combine both modes of transport.

RailMotion can provide you with all necessary ACTS System equipment: The special wagons and the containers. There are standard and specially designed containers, all dependent on the loading and unloading circumstances and on the good to be transported. It can be the transport solution that seamlessly links to your logistical process.

  1. The ACTS-system is made up of three elements:
    • wagons with 3 swivel frames each;
    • a lorry with a hook- or chain system;
    • ACTS containers.
  2. With help of the hook or chain the containers are pulled/pushed on or off the wagon
  3.  During the loading/unloading procedure, the swivel frames are opened to an angle of 37 - 45 degrees. At the side of the wagon a space of around 12 meters width is needed for the movement of the truck.
  4.  The whole operation takes not more than 2 minutes.

Please have a look at the following animation:

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Welcome Company Services Fleet ACTS system Partners Contact Available